GoFundMe for Former North Bergen Student in Need

Post date: Sep 17, 2016 5:9:32 PM

Jessica Godoy (20 years old) is a former North Bergen student in need. Back in March 2016, she had a cyst removed from her ovary. As difficult as it was not being able to do half of what she used to, she kept attending her college classes, doing homework, and studying, which earned her a spot on the dean's list for this past spring semester. Having surgery did not stop her from pursuing her goals. Although the surgery was successful, unfortunately, there was a tumor that the doctors weren’t convinced about. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with stage 1c ovarian cancer. On June 11th, she started chemotherapy and has had 4 cycles of treatment since. Ever since her surgery, she has been getting medical bills almost every week, and one can only imagine how much has added up. Unfortunately, Jessica's health insurance was only able to cover a certain amount of the medical bills, which leaves her in need for your help to pay off the rest.

Any type of donation, no matter how big or small—is greatly appreciated, and all funds will go directly to pay off Jessica's medical bills.

Click here to donate funds for Jessica Godoy

The NBFT thanks you all in advance!