Social Distancing and Social Isolation

Post date: May 09, 2020 8:27:34 PM

There are two key ways that you can help your members address social isolation:

    • survey members for social isolation via building reps. and shop stewards; and

    • expand access to telehealth for mental health care

It's key to have a working understanding of how many members are struggling with social isolation. It doesn't need to be an exact count - but it does need to be a comprehensive effort to check-in on your members.

Telehealth is available by calling 1-855-215-2023

Expanded access to telehealth is vital. Members need to know that they have an outlet, where a professional will be on the other end of the line to hear their concerns.

Social isolation is not to be taken lightly. and our lifeline - 1-855-215-2023


Telehealth is available by calling 1-855-215-2023

Social distancing can result in social isolation and loneliness, creating physical and mental health problems.

Before we delve into this more deeply, it's important to understand what exactly is "social isolation." Social isolation is a term that refers to the size of an individual's social network and the physical separation from his or her support networks.

Jeffrey Meyer

Employee Assistance Service Representative

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