The Missing Half of the NB Superintendent's Contract Proposal Presentation

Post date: Feb 21, 2017 6:18:19 PM

The superintendent has posted on the district website the contract proposals offered by the Board of Education. HIS PRESENTATION ONLY TELLS HALF THE STORY. Below are the issues the NBFT is in disagreement with the Board.

- The Board offered a total money package for two years and then rescinded it stating only that, "It was a mistake." and no other explanation.

- The Board then offered a total money package for three years and again rescinded it saying that was the compounded amount. We have never dealt with compounded amounts.

- The Board is now offering a total money package substantially less than the original offer.

- The Board wants to do phase out MA+45 and MA+60.

- The Board wants to reduce everything but home instruction from $75 per hour to $50 per hour for a 33% reduction in pay. We are currently grieving this with the Board.

- The Board wants to add faculty meetings to Tuesday if school is closed on a Monday.

The union negotiating team is working very hard to get the best and fairest contract for ALL our members.