Telehealth Services

Post date: Jun 18, 2020 1:18:5 AM

Telehealth services are available and they're working.In May, Union First provided telehealth services to over 100 union members and their families. Additionally, since the beginning of the pandemic, that number increases to nearly 300. The need is evident; the services are vital and available during this time.Our telehealth network provides you with a roster of licensed, professional, and empathetic therapists. Their expertise covers a spectrum of issues, including:

There are a number of other subspecialty areas that our telehealth network covers as well.

Members need to know that they have a place to turn, professionals to talk to, and access to strategies that can positively impact their lives.

One phone call can change everything. Encourage your members to call the Union First lifeline at 1-855-215-2023. They can also email at Our new website is coming shortly.

In solidarity,

Jeffrey Meyer

Director, Union First