Labor Unions Prevail in Friedrichs U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

Post date: Apr 02, 2016 7:36:29 PM

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO joins the entire labor movement in celebrating a big win for working families, with a divided U.S. Supreme Court leaving intact a pro-union ruling that threatened our collective future.

The case known as Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association was a bold attempt by right-wing extremists to weaken all unions by reversing a decision allowing those in the public sector to collect fees from non-union members whose compensation is set through labor negotiations. The wealthy conservatives throwing money at this case used the highest court in the nation to try to undercut working families, collective bargaining and the rights of workers on the job. But they failed!Tuesday’s 4-4 Supreme Court decision means that the 40-year-old ruling allowing unions to collect fair fees will stand.

“We’re relieved that the decision came down in our favor,” said Charles Wowkanech, president of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO, which represents one million working men and women and their families. “Labor unions are the conduit to millions of working families realizing their hopes and dreams. The billionaires behind this case are trying to destroy all that we stand for – family sustaining jobs, the right to bargain over wages and benefits, a voice on the job – but we’re not about to let them flip the economic tables so they get to keep all the profits and workers’ unions are silenced.”

These anti-union, special-interest groups will not go away. While we celebrate this important victory today, let’s continue to be mindful of those forces who stand to profit when workers earn lower pay, receive no retirement benefits and see their full-time jobs replaced with part-time work.

Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do. We all win when labor stands together!

In Unity,

Charles Wowkanech


Laurel Brennan


The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is a proud partner of Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc.